Climate Spark Social Venture Challenge

For Immediate Release                                                                                                          Patrick O’Rourke

Finding a parking spot just got easier

T.O EcoParking, selected as a Climate Spark top 20 project, will make finding parking much easier for its users. Finding a parking spot in Toronto is a chore and open street parking in the downtown core is pretty much impossible to find.

T.O EcoParking aims to solve this problem, directing you and your vehicle to the nearest available parking space, helping the environment in the process. This intelligent GPS based transport system will enable a reduction in energy use, pollution and traffic jams. The days of driving around endlessly looking for a parking spot will be a thing of the past.

Climate Spark social venture challenge is putting $500,000 in funding towards Toronto based ventures that help both the environment and the City of Toronto and T.O EcoParking is in the running to receive this funding.

“In a congested downtown area it takes three minutes to find a curb space and the parking turnover is 10 cars per space per day. Each curb space generates 30 minutes of searching for a parking spot per day,” says Amy Ter Haar, the projects creator.

The Toronto Board of Trade predicts that over the next 20 years Toronto gridlock will continue to become worse. A University of California study also found that searching for available parking accounts for 74 per cent of traffic in urban areas.

T.O EcoParking will helps the environment and reduce traffic as well making finding a parking spot much more convenient for its users.

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